Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thar She Blows! It's the big white winter giveaway.

Steer yourselves on over to the Etsy Ireland blog for a really generous giveaway.
There's all sorts from jewellery and accessories to art and christmas decorations.
I contributed at few pieces myself and I know the quality of the other pieces will be truly awesome.
Who ever wins this will be one lucky ducky.
Good luck to you all!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Crockery you can Rock..ery!

New treasury coming at ya!
I'm a bit worried that my first treasury photo has now disolved into the ether. But balls to that lets live in the moment. The smooth ceramic moment:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lazy Gazing

Spending my Monday relaxing after the madness that was the run up to Sunday's Crafty Market.
I was like the thing that couldn't stop. Clipping some paper here, sewing a banner there, a bake of fimo in the oven, glue gun heating up in the corner (which I accidentally left on after leaving for the market, Yikes!)
It was a good market, loving the new 12-5pm time, just makes the days that bit more condensed.
But yes after all that it's nice to have a slow day (or evening at least). And what do I browse online during these periods of lackadaisical lounging, you ask?
Well I'll tell you. It all depends on the mood so I'll break it into catagories but here are a few of my go-to-guys and gals for creative titalation:

For Embroidery:
There are many truly spectacular sites you may already know about such as Doe-C-Doe
But for a nice smattering of styles I love to browse the Guest posts of the Sew, Mama, Sew August Hand Sewing month. Look how pretty:

Paper craft and printables:
Again I shan't confine myself to just the one. I don't do a whole lotta paper craft.. yet but I love to allow a sense of awe to wash over me as I look at some of the beautiful and generously provided printables and projects on the likes of How about Orange and A Fanciful Twist, I mean check this out:

The Good Life and Eco living

Gotta be Sallygardens Smallholdings and it's Irish based so it's more relevant for me.
I also enjoy Our One Block Diet from Sunset great stuff altogether. Would that we got the weather for these kinda outdoor feasts!

Interior Re-vamping
I love me a good chair make-over, don't you? My favorite website for all these shenanigans has absolutely got be Centsational Girl. I love her knack for taking truly thrifty finds and creating sheer class. You've just gotta check out what these stairs looked like before she did her thing:
Fashion and Clothing
I've never found a blog that gives me all I need in this department, I'm sure there's one out there I just haven't found it yet. Craftster is the business in this department.

Big Dreams of the Great outdoors
One day I shall have a garden fit for a hedge dwelling little hippy-at-heart like me but until then Sunset has something for all outdoor areas from balconies to big open spaces.
Barbeque Bar

Salad Side-Bar

And always worth a look is One Pretty Thing. Such a brilliant collection of tutorials and projects. Its simply a mecca.