Monday, April 19, 2010

Slings and Arrows

Hi everyone. Obviously I'm on a bit of a hiatus. I'm kinda re-evaluating my crafting business. Having changed jobs twice already in 2010 life has been eventful in general. My new job is part time though so I had decided to make a real go at the Etsy business. Just when I was getting my butt in gear I had a set back in the form of an imitator. Crap right? While I understand this is part of putting your creations out there it's unpleasant none the less.
I'm gonna take a while to craft for myself and just enjoy that without concentrating on the business. I won't be shelving the business but I won't be making it the focus of my creativity for a while. Lets call it comfort crafting. I'll post anything worth while on the blog if I get a chance. Here are some things I'll be trying:

Popcorn Squares Afghan

Cocktail Umbrella Lantern

Beautiful Holly Golightly inspired dress from Burdastyle user Myk