Monday, April 19, 2010

Slings and Arrows

Hi everyone. Obviously I'm on a bit of a hiatus. I'm kinda re-evaluating my crafting business. Having changed jobs twice already in 2010 life has been eventful in general. My new job is part time though so I had decided to make a real go at the Etsy business. Just when I was getting my butt in gear I had a set back in the form of an imitator. Crap right? While I understand this is part of putting your creations out there it's unpleasant none the less.
I'm gonna take a while to craft for myself and just enjoy that without concentrating on the business. I won't be shelving the business but I won't be making it the focus of my creativity for a while. Lets call it comfort crafting. I'll post anything worth while on the blog if I get a chance. Here are some things I'll be trying:

Popcorn Squares Afghan

Cocktail Umbrella Lantern

Beautiful Holly Golightly inspired dress from Burdastyle user Myk


  1. Hey Edana! 2010 has been eventful for me too so far and it has side tracked me a bit from the crafty way of life. I'm 'crafting for comfort' more now, hopefully going to make a cute birdie mobile for baby out of my fabric stash.

    I absolutely love that cocktail umbrella lantern!!! do you have a link to the tutorial - would love to give that one a go!

    take care ;)
    Tanya ♥

  2. Hi Tanya, a click on the picture will take you to the blog I found this on but it doesn't state it's source or have a tutorial. I'm thinking it'll be as simple as make a hole with the cocktail stick maybe lay a little PVA around it and then pop the umbrella in to it and hold down for a few seconds.
    I know I already dropped by your blog to say this but congrats on the baby news. A tiny Cheeky Urchin -sweetness!

  3. I have had that Burdastyle dress picture in my inspiration folder for forever! Can't wait to see what you come up with!