Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tried it Tuesday!

I had been meaning to get reviews in of some tutorials so without further a-do I bring you.. a something I made earlier:
Paper carnations
You may remember these rustling beauties from an earlier blog post.
Here's their version....
Gorgeous aren't they. I just had to try it!

So here are mine....
They were very simple. I didn't have everything they required but I improvised. I had no gardening tape so I substituted thick gauge jewelery wire, adding masking tape at the tip and base of the flower to secure things. Neither did I have 'felt tips' so I used the fabric markers I have laying about.
I think it turned out well, all things considered, don't you? I would definitely recommend this tutorial for a quick, low maintenance way to spruce up your living space this spring.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shake it up Spring Style

Euk- sequins. Euk-gold.
Are you feeling my festive fashion fatigue? How utterly scrumptious are all those beautiful pastel shades out their? How delectable is everything with foliage and freshness?

I'm absolutely craving a major wardrobe shake-up and here's how I plan to go about it.
  1. Clean out any item of clothing that makes me feel frumpy when I wear it - sell the best of them at the Bernard Shaw, use any nice fabric in my crafting, anything decent left goes to charity and the rest for rags.
  2. Pick pieces from my mounds of "items for alteration" bag and create some pieces around designs I would actually wear.
  3. Mend some of my fabulous but flawed garments which have been sitting in a bag forever;
  4. Spend some quality time shopping with the Topshop voucher I got for Christmas (Thanks, Godmother-you know me so well).
  5. Dip into a few second hand shops and the Dublin Flea Market for a more custom touch.
See a wardrobe re-vamp doesn't have to cost more than €30 and hopefully it won't.
I'm will keep you guys updated on how it all goes.

For now I can dream. Sweet Spring Dreams:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sickness and sergers.

How was your Christmas guys? Mine was wonderful however I'm now rather ill. Just thought I'd drop by though to let you know I GOT AN OVERLOCKER.
Sorry to shout but it's a truly ace pressie, no? Thanks boyfriend!

Very excited to get that baby going just as soon as the pestilence passes. Tell me about your favorite crafty Christmas presents.