Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tried it Tuesday!

I had been meaning to get reviews in of some tutorials so without further a-do I bring you.. a something I made earlier:
Paper carnations
You may remember these rustling beauties from an earlier blog post.
Here's their version....
Gorgeous aren't they. I just had to try it!

So here are mine....
They were very simple. I didn't have everything they required but I improvised. I had no gardening tape so I substituted thick gauge jewelery wire, adding masking tape at the tip and base of the flower to secure things. Neither did I have 'felt tips' so I used the fabric markers I have laying about.
I think it turned out well, all things considered, don't you? I would definitely recommend this tutorial for a quick, low maintenance way to spruce up your living space this spring.


  1. Lovely! I must try something like that with my pupils.Is worthing. :)

  2. these are lovely! super shades!!