Monday, November 2, 2009

Lazy Gazing

Spending my Monday relaxing after the madness that was the run up to Sunday's Crafty Market.
I was like the thing that couldn't stop. Clipping some paper here, sewing a banner there, a bake of fimo in the oven, glue gun heating up in the corner (which I accidentally left on after leaving for the market, Yikes!)
It was a good market, loving the new 12-5pm time, just makes the days that bit more condensed.
But yes after all that it's nice to have a slow day (or evening at least). And what do I browse online during these periods of lackadaisical lounging, you ask?
Well I'll tell you. It all depends on the mood so I'll break it into catagories but here are a few of my go-to-guys and gals for creative titalation:

For Embroidery:
There are many truly spectacular sites you may already know about such as Doe-C-Doe
But for a nice smattering of styles I love to browse the Guest posts of the Sew, Mama, Sew August Hand Sewing month. Look how pretty:

Paper craft and printables:
Again I shan't confine myself to just the one. I don't do a whole lotta paper craft.. yet but I love to allow a sense of awe to wash over me as I look at some of the beautiful and generously provided printables and projects on the likes of How about Orange and A Fanciful Twist, I mean check this out:

The Good Life and Eco living

Gotta be Sallygardens Smallholdings and it's Irish based so it's more relevant for me.
I also enjoy Our One Block Diet from Sunset great stuff altogether. Would that we got the weather for these kinda outdoor feasts!

Interior Re-vamping
I love me a good chair make-over, don't you? My favorite website for all these shenanigans has absolutely got be Centsational Girl. I love her knack for taking truly thrifty finds and creating sheer class. You've just gotta check out what these stairs looked like before she did her thing:
Fashion and Clothing
I've never found a blog that gives me all I need in this department, I'm sure there's one out there I just haven't found it yet. Craftster is the business in this department.

Big Dreams of the Great outdoors
One day I shall have a garden fit for a hedge dwelling little hippy-at-heart like me but until then Sunset has something for all outdoor areas from balconies to big open spaces.
Barbeque Bar

Salad Side-Bar

And always worth a look is One Pretty Thing. Such a brilliant collection of tutorials and projects. Its simply a mecca.


  1. Lovely everything! Paper craft is my fav :) I'm going to check out Centsational Girl. Thanks for sharing!

  2. lovely blog! thanks for sharing in the forums : )


  3. Today I'm in love with the doe-c-doc embroidery :) Wish I were that talented :)

  4. I know, I'm not even capable of thinking of that stuff most days never mind exectuting it so sweetly and then making a template and sharing it.