Friday, September 10, 2010

Let's take it to the Street's

Feel like picking up some Sailmaker's Daughter pieces, like the ones below, from a brick and mortar shop? A month ago I would have said "tough luck dumb-dumb".

But now, well now things have changed. Wait for it.....
I have a concession in Lucy's Lounge in Temple Bar. HURRAH!

I've been selling there for just under a month and it's going really well.
Lucy's is such a quirky spot and if you have an eye for the vintageous then you should check out all the lovely wares. Deirdre, the owner is very cool and the place has a really welcoming vibe.
Check out their blog for more info on Lucy's Lounge:

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  1. I visited Dublin this summer and accidentally found Lucy's Lounge. I loved the shop and all the funky stuff in there! And also loved those butterfly rings!