Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shiny Scrubby People

After a crazy busy period when you haven't had time to look in the mirror for about 3 days there is a tendency to feel a bit on the grotty side. In my case dull skin that felt like beplagued sandpaper was a slight issue not to mention that my hair persisted in lying flat to my head for the first 2 inches and then fluffing up at a 90 degree angle for the remaining 3".
There are the more substantial, long term things which one can partake in to regain some pep; organic diets, yoga, new hair cut, but you know.. baby steps and all that.
This is little home spa treatment is aimed at just trying to feel human again and less like you should be proclaiming the future of trials of Macbeth. This takes around one hour so it can slot easily into a busy day.

You will need:
1 tsp Olive oil
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
2 tsp Baking soda
Half tsp of lemon juice (I just used a squezee yoke)
1 tsp used coffee grounds (optional)
1 tsp Honey (Something like Milveen is great cause it has crystalise
particles but something local is always best)
4 drops of relaxing oil, eg. lavender, patchouli, sandalwood or jasmine
Flannel or shower pouf
Usual shower paraphernalia- Shampoo, conditioner, towel and razor(if you use one).
Relaxing music, whatever works for you, be it frog song or Rufus Wainwright.
Nail file
Nail Clippers
Nail polish and remover (optional)

Mix the oil, salt, sugar, coffee and lemon juice with 1 tbs of the baking soda in a glass. Oooh fizzy.
Standing in your shower or on an old towel start at your feet and scrub the mix onto you in circular motions, concentrate on any cellulite ridden areas as you go up, the coffee works to break cellulite down. Work up to your d├ęcolletage but skip the delicate neck and face.
Turn on the shower and gently, firmly sweep the mixture off. Use the shower pouf with a little body wash to remove remaining few grains.
When hair is thoroughly wet massage in shampoo. Really work it into the scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Smooth conditioner on the ends of your hair. Leave this in while you move to next step. Conditioner actually doesn't penetrate the hair unless it contains the ingredient panthenol. For those without panthenol their job will be equally as done after 1 minute as after 5
but it doesn't do any harm to leave it in for 5 or so minutes.
Shave under arms and legs - if you shave that is.
Tease comb softly through your hair. Starting with the ends with the conditioner one them and comb through then move up to the next half and comb through and so on. Then wash out conditioner.
Fill the sink with hot water and drip in the essential oil you are using. Inhale the fragrance in deep breaths in the nose out the mouth for about 1 minute.
Slather on you favourite body moisturizer, again concentrating on problem areas.
Put the honey in your palm and add a drop or 2 or water from the sink to warm it up and thin it out. Smooth the honey on your face in a circular, upward motions. Go slowly and be firm(ish). Massaging the muscles beneath your face. Dip flannel or towel in the water and buff the honey off your face. Apply moisturiser and eyecream or mask here if preferred.
Stick on some music and have a little grove with your bad self! Plonk of the sofa or bed or floor and clip and any even finger nails. Then file and paint in your preferred shade. A word of caution though don't paint them anything but clear unless you really do have remover on hand. Nothing makes one feel scruffier than chippy, blobby nail colour.
Repeat for your toes and then smother your feet in moisturiser or Vaseline and put on some thick socks. Sparkly feet in the morning!
Now get an early night!

P.S. I've got another craft fair. WOO-hoo. Crafty Market here I come. This is a new and pretty excellent market in Dublin. First Sunday of every month. It's much more demograhic and I think it'll be a very enjoyable day whatever the sales. More on that soon. So thats in a week and I also have to move home in between. Busy week!

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