Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Absense Makes The Heart Grow Fonder... I hope

That was a crazy length absence. I have no excuse but I do have a reason. We moved house and the blasted internet provider, who shall for the moment remain nameless (until they really piss me off), didn't get us up and running for 5 weeks!
But I have not been idle, Oh no!
The Sailmaker's Daughter had an outing to the Crafty Market on the 5th of July and it was fantastic. I didn't have anyone sharing the booth with me this time because I had more merchandise and although it was a little lonely and I was a tad hungry I had a blast. The other sellers were fantastic, there were bellydancers and the atmosphere was great. If you haven't already been GO!
It's on the first Sunday of every month and I will be there and square on the 6th of September
Here's a link to there website:
The Crafty Market
And here's a shot of my stall:

This was a new robot lavender dude that was snapped up by one of the really sound organisers:

One of the best things about the market (apart from lots of sales, a-woohoo) was meeting some fellow Etsy peeps. Tanya of the Happy Heart Place did some awesome networking and invited myself and others along to the first Etsy Team Ireland meeting organised by herself and Sarah of Red Possum.
The meeting was truly stimulating, the show and tell was awe inspiring, the sheer range of crafty was wonderful and the ladies all delightful. For more about the first meeting check out Sarah's post on the Redpossum blog:

We've just had our second meeting this weekend and again, so motivational. Next one will be mid-September so if you are interested check out the team blog Etsy Ireland :

Working on some new stuff too. More on that later... but not too much later hopefully!

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