Saturday, October 10, 2009

Findings and Seed Beads, a-live, a-live O.

Still playing catch up so here's a bit of this and a that.
Yesterday on my way home from work (yey for working again) I decided to pop into Yellow Brick Road for com findings and a general snoop. Lo and behold they had a fire during the night a few weeks ago and have moved next door. Yet all is not lost, no Siree, in fact they were able to save most of stock and are now having a sale on smoke damaged findings and seed beads.
The deal is buy €30 or more worth of findings OR €30 or more worth of seed beads and you get them all for a 3rd of the price. Unfortunatly they don't let you combine the seed bead and findings as part of the deal for some strange reason.
Here's my haul which cost just over €11.30:

Oh also I wanna give a cyber shout out to my big Bro. A bro-mo, if you will.
He's a qualified planner and has been doing BER ratings for months. He has a really great website but for some odd reason Google keeps ignoring it. Thought I'd post a link here to even out the mean old universe a little. Check it out if you have a minute:

Okay I will be back LATER TODAY, yes you heard me. I'm getting back on track here.
Not only will I be back but I'll be back with a giveaway.

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