Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Something for the Fellas...

Male fashion. What a conundrum! It truly can be phenomenally repetitive but as I've been getting more acquainted with it I've started to develop my favorites.

I've also had a good giggle at a few of the duds:

Gas stuff!

Why on earth has a off center little crafter like me been perusing the Men's Fashion week files, you ask?
You see, a cousin of mine had heard, through the realiable ol' family grape vine, that I liked sewing and was doing a fashion design course. The man in question is quite ethically minded and doesn't buy from mainstream stores, generally favoring charity shops, however as a strapping fellow in his early thirties the charity shop stock doesn't always hit the mark of this young musicians style. SO he asked me to think about making stuff for him, eventually with a view to putting together the get up for his sister's wedding next Summer.
I am as flattered as I am daunted.
I know he won't want anything "fashion" looking so there's not too much to worry about but come on, dudes clothes are just whole other ball game, start to finish. I'm looking forward to seeing what we come up with. You never know this time next year I could have completely changed my current direction (will probably have to work out what it is first though) and be designing exclusively for men...
And now for a few pieces I would wear if I were a dude:

from Babbletees at

Yup, I would be one hot bloke!

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  1. That first picture is definitely not my style of fashion! I do love the suits that follow though. Nothing like a good looking guy in a tailor made suit :)