Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Skirting Summer

My skirt for the Summer essentials sewing has been finished for 2 weeks now but I'm only just getting round to posting it. I'm a disaster I know. I actually have a shrug finished too but I'll save that for another eon shall I?

This skirt is made from my Aunts curtain valances which she gave me before Christmas.
I love the flowery summer fabric.
I used a tutorial from burdastyle as my base and then changed it up a bit to suit the fabric and effect I was going for: http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/nayantara%E2%80%99s-quick-party-skirt

As you can see it's a little short which is why I didn't hem it and just left it overlocked. I do like the length though. It's racy!

This photo is the truest colour:

Here's the skirt with the (store bought) top that it was intended for. I wore it out with a bunch of the gals and everyone thought it was a dress. I like that it's versatile that way AND *it has pockets*.
Only a week left before I go on holidays to Marrakesh so I better get the sewing (and blogging) skates on to make the start of August deadline. Click the Summer Essentials button at the top of the page to see what the other participants have made.


  1. Super cute skirt! Great way to reuse old valances.

  2. If you visit Morocco definitely try to visit Tangier . It is a beautiful city and I know since I am visiting here at the moment .

    Enjoy your stay !

  3. Omg Edana! this little skirt is soo molly ringwald! I absolutely love the cute outfit that you put together!

  4. That top looks so good with your gorgeous new skirt. And I love your hair!