Friday, June 18, 2010

Sew Summer Essentials: Dress

I've joined the Summer Essentials Sew-Along that is going on over here:

The basic gist is that you make 5 items from the 6 categories by August. The catagories are:
Poolside Pretties;
Clam Diggers and co.;
Sweet and Sassy Skirts;
The Sundress;
Tee, Tunics and Blouses;
Those Summer Nights.

Due to the lack of inexpensive and pretty fabric round these parts 2 or 3 of my pieces will be recons. I think I'm gonna try to go for 6 items altogether as recons aren't as intensive as from-scratch sewing.
Without further ado here is my first recon project - My Sundress!

It's a nice enough dress but I just don't like shirt collars plus it's all a bit tired looking.


A sweet heart neckline and gathered straps for a more pin-up style. It's a few inches shorter now to boot, sitting about 2" above my knee, which is much better on my 5, 1" frame.

I like it much better. What do you guys think?
Skirt next I think and it shall have a scalloped hem. This is the inspiration (plus a tutorial link) that I'll be using:

Oh and the necklace is from my new line of pennant necklaces. Check them on my mini on etsy if you likey.

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  1. Totally lovely! Love the neckline and the straps :) I'll be keeping an eye out for your skirt - I'm itching to try scalloped edges too!