Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get thee to a Gallery

The Science Gallery to be exact. This is the final week that you can see the woolly wonder of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.
I truly enjoyed this exhibition and if you are interested in any manner of wool craft I would say it's a must see.
The exhibition highlights environmental issues surrounding coral and reef formation using ingenious methods which yield awe inspiring results. Given my interest in both marine biology and crafting it was a real treat for me.

The Bleached reef highlights the phenomenon of coral bleaching which happens as a result of stress to the coral by environmental conditions or over feeding by coral predators such as certain starfish.

The Toxic Reef is an effort to portray the damage that plastic is doing to our seas and the ocean floor.
The frightening inspiration for this piece is what is known as, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This patch is great indeed (in the physical sense). It is 1.5 times the size of Ireland.
A swirling mass of non-degradable waste caused by currents to collect off the coast of Hawaii, the GPGP will be a reminder of a throw-away mentality that will still be choking our seas in many hundred of years time. Small pieces (relatively speaking) break off and litter the nearest shores while other bits sink to the ocean floor and become a permanent fixture in our planets geological strata.
Knock on effects such as the blocking out of light to the plant and animal life below by the 30 meter deep plastic pain in ass will also come to bear their sticky petroleum-based fruit. The patch will of course result in a dead zone similar to areas blighted by acid blooms like those off our own coast. Sorry I'm ranting. Crafting, yes.. I digress.

There were many other wonders made from beads and glowing tubing, all a feast for the eyes and a splendid marvel for all and for any hookers (crochet hooks, people) out there- a real inspiration.
Not to forget of course the Irish reef which celebrated our homegrown talent and homegrown reefs off the west.
Hyperbolic mathematics are explained in diagrams and by helpful staff if you are particularly eager. Kids, both young and young at heart, can try their hand at applying the idea to making a paper soccer ball at an activity table up stairs. So go, play, enjoy and tell me what you thought.

Oh there is also a lecture tomorrow on Ireland's cold water coral reefs which I know I'll be going to. Check out the website for a list of events to come: http://sciencegallery.com/this_is_science_gallery

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