Monday, May 25, 2009

First Craft Fair at Blackrock Market

First craft fair completed! Hurrah!

Ever so sorry for the prolonged absence but I was frantically flitting about the place like some kind of blue-bottle- headless chicken hybrid.
I didn't sell much really but it was very exciting to get out there. The weather was very changeable and I overheard some people saying they didn't sell anything at all. None the less, it was such a thrill seeing people taking interest in my crafts and trying on the jewellery. It was also intriguing to see which items drew attention and which were left largely unadmired.
It wasn't truly my demographic and most people were just buying from the antique and food stalls but still, the experience was priceless. Now for an image injection, here are a few stars of the show:

My jewellery, mainly the flower cabochon rings and earrings, probably got the most attention.

Although the display case which I made from a 2nd hand book attracted alot of interest by its own merit.

The lavender bags were a nice sensory hit, often people could smell them just before they would see them. The designs which got the most interest were these guys:
3D Glasses

Cherry blossom branch

Rainbow French knots

This upcycled cardigan got quite a bit of frisking up by the punters but
no-one bought it which was unfortunate because it was very reasonable
Sorry for the out of focus picture. If you'd like a clearer image let me know and I'll give my camera a good talking to.
For most of my altered clothing I buy items second hand and then add to or alter Item. The aim is to start out with a good quality item and then givesome individuality.
In this case it was a lovely knit wrap cardigan
(originally from Miss Selfridges according to the label) I replaced the tying ribbons, which were a cheapish looking blue affair, with ties of patterned pure silk, cut and sewed from length I had in my stash.
I also added a hand embroidered branch circled with wool which I needle felted on to look like a built in brooch, this is a feature in a few of my altered pieces.
I priced it at under €20. I think that's cheap considering the top alone cost €7 for me to buy second hand.

Perhaps the larger items would have sold better if they were more accessible from the front of the desk. As you can see here they were mostly behind me due to prohibitive space and the fact that I didn't bring a railing (Note to self: Duh!):

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