Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How ( and why) I chose my label's name

One of the milestones for me in this venture was choosing a name or label under which my crafts will be sold.
Seems a pretty straightforward process for many designers and crafters but not so for my choosy ass. I'm pretty sure it's hereditary as when I was born I didn't have a name for about a week but it worked out quite well I reckon (Cheers Mam and Dad).
Ultimately my decision was ruled by my gut. I needed a name I could wriggle down into and feel at home. However that's not to say that I didn't apply some more conventional logic. These are some of the consideration and steps you might need to think about.
  • Using you actual name. Yay or nay?
This works for some people but I ruled it out instinctively. I just didn't want that. I love my name but a name doesn't give a customer an image or any idea of your aesthetic so I felt this wasn't the path. Another element to consider here is whether you want someone who is looking for your
products to end up on your Facebook page? Could be frustrating. Even I find my Facebook page boring! I want people to wind up on my Etsy (when it gets kickin') or this blog fairly smoothly - not navigating through 6 Google pages of I Know What You Did Last Electric Picnic.

  • Take 2 elements of yourself or business and smush them up a bit (smushing optional)
I read this on another blog, (I don't know where as I wasn't planning on starting this blog at the time so I wasn't saving links) I will post the link if I ever find it. If you were making jewellery out of car parts for example you could be Bolt the Beads or Carburettor Creations. For my part - Sailmaker: I love the sea and most influenced by nature also a lot of my stuff is sewn, sailmakers need to be good at that. Daughter: Well all women are united in daughterliness. Okay so neither of my parents make sails but I did want to stress that I'm a sole person not a large label. Combined I like the nostalgic effect and it just feels like me.

  • Google search and Etsy Search
Put your prospective names through the online mill. If there are other businesses with similar names my advice is to steer clear. Again some people are okay with being "Designs by Kelly 0890", but it comes back to not frustrating a client who is trying to find you.
  • Take it for a walk
Use the name for a day or so, mention it to some honest freinds or family see what reaction you get. You don't have to take their advice but a differnt perspective can be illuminating. When I told a relative that I was considering Mortal Anemone as the name she said reminded her of a fatal enema. A valid point.
Etsy give some great tips on choosing the name of your etsy shop or label here:
If opening an etsy you best be comfortable with your name as you can't change your shop name.

So thus ends my exceedingly long second post. I see the land of nod coming up of the starboard bow.


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