Sunday, May 22, 2011

Necessity is the Mother, Spray paint is the Pop

I don't know how many of you guys read Centsational Girl but if you do then you probably share my wonder at her ability to effect complete transformations using spray paint and little else.
Recently I had to come up with a cheap, fun but still presentable way to make prizes for a sports tournament at work. My original idea was to make medals from fimo, stamp them with the organisations name, the year and the event and then cover them in gold leaf (which I already had). Alas, post varnishing the prototype experienced some sort of weird oxidation effect and it looked like a doubloon which had been submerged for a few hundred years( I'll add a photo purely for comic effect once I find the little blighter).
Then it hit me (or spritzed me) SPRAY PAINT. I wasn't sure if the hardware shops here would be up to the challenge but shame on me, not only did they have spray paint - they had Rustoleum -Centsational Girl's brand of choice.
I picked the super shiny gold and rest is paint splattered history. Even my tiny flower pot got a coat!

I've come across a few other ideas for the remainder of that can of gold. Oh dear, I'm feeling a Midas moment coming on. Click the pics for the link to these other wonderful blogs.'ve got competition.

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