Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Giveaway Day!

Here's to the start of the new regime!
So lets get moving with a wee giveaway.
I will send an embellished lavender sachet and a 25% off my Etsy coupon to the winner.
And here we see the lucky sachet who will be off to a new home soon:

This little lady was created with a combination of fabric markers and embroidery. Stuffed full of french lavender and ready to scuttle into your drawer or dance from your door knob.

To win just leave a comment below, you could post a link to your own blog or tell me how you came across this one, I don't mind as long as you get your comment up. If you're not in..etc.

I will pick the winner on Friday evening so get your post it by 8pm (GMT) on Friday.


  1. ah lovely ladybug! Ok I'm officially popping my name in the hat!!! Will help spread the word... Txox

  2. SO cute!! I bet it smells amazing!

  3. Oh I love lady bugs!!
    I can almost smell it!

  4. Very cute! My blog is

    found you on promos on etsy

  5. my daughter saw this and loves it! she loves lady birds, since we saw a lot in our garden this summer and took to "hugging" them with her fingers... ie squashing them..

  6. Sweet idea -- love this grandmasjewelry777 ETSY GMJ

  7. Love it! I found you through Grosgrain, but my blog is

  8. I found your blog via Etsy forums.

    Win a 11x14 print of your choice from on my blog! Ends 23rd September, 2009.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  9. I found you through Etsy forums as well! don't know if I'm too late for the giveaway, but I had fun browsing through your etsy store and that ladybug is adorable =)

  10. Love ladybirds but haven't seen one in a few years ;(

    Found my way away here from the craftyirelandteam thread on Etsy!

  11. Thanks to everyone who entered. Check out Monday's post for the winner.