Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Shape of Things to Come

I've decided to put more structure into my blogging activity in order to make it more varied and easier for me to settle upon what to write about. I'm hoping to post every weekday ie. Monday to Friday and if I've got anything to say on Saturday or Sunday that can't wait then you'll hear that too. So here is the basic frame:

Monday- Any weekend news and some links to interesting posts I've read over the weekend;

Tuesday- Try a tute. I'll be attempting tutorials, projects and some recipes from online sources and books then writing a bit about how they went;

Wednesday- Giveaway or Etsy catch up. I'll post a giveaway of one of my items or some photos of my latest Etsy posting or treasuries I've done;

Thursday- Do a tutorial or show something I've been working on;

Friday- Have it my Way; a little bit of life and anything else that comes to mind

Let me know what you think.
So I'll be back tomorrow with a little giveaway.

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