Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday- Show and Tell

This Thursday I'll do a "show what I'm up today".
So I've been making this skirt for, umm, a while now but I finally finished it today. It's made from the bottom of this cool old lady nightgown I snagged in a charity shop. The fabric is actually slightly fleecy too so it's pretty and snug, you likey?:
When I went up the counter to buy this the lady selling it was bleedin' gas!

"Oh lovely and long and soft, keep ya warm, a lot better then a man!" she says;
I muttered something like "er yea, nice and warm" fully knowing I would be butchering it and never sleeping in it.
She replied "A lot less trouble than a man too, ya may be sure".
Ah, the wisdom of our elders! 'Tis a fine thing.

Generally, I'm sure she'd be correct too but I can tell you I had to take Mr. Stitch-ripper to this a few times more than I'd like, which is ridiculous cause it was very easy essentially.
Here's what I ended up with in any case:

And now for some in action...action:

Whaddya think?
I'm gonna don it round town later paired with my light brown leather boots and knee socks.
If you'd like a tutorial for this just drop a comment below and I'd be happy to oblige.
Until tomorrow. Take her handy.


  1. I do the charity shops once a month Edana - I love the craic nearly as much as the plunder. There's always a bit of friendly banter!

    love the sweet skirt! clever you ;)* xox

  2. charity shop ladies are hilarious! they say it like it is! good on you for making something for yourself! i always make for others and i dress my self like a shaggy sheep! (to quote my mother..).

    Well done!